One of the most common appliances that could be found in nearly all homes is refrigerator. Refrigerator is such a device that is very difficult 
to understand the nature of its performance for 24/7. It is miraculous! For this reason, it is highly essential to repair your refrigerator whenever the need arise.
Attepting to repair can be very difficult on a refrigerator. There is also the defrost cycle, which is made up of three main components. 
The timer which is usually in the fridge section, The defrost thermostat which is in the freezer and also the heater which is also in the freezer section.
If any one of these go bad, you will have major problems. The compressor usually has a fan but not always.
The fan cools down the compressor to make sure the compressor doesn't get to hot, if it does, it may go bad.
It is not recommended to handle these problems on your own. It is always recommended to call a professional technician.

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