Cleaning the Stove Burner Grates

When cooking, it is common to accidentally spill ingredients onto the stove burner grates. When this happens, the heat from the burner will cook the ingredients, making them stick to the burner grates. Cleaning the grates can be done by removing the burner grates from the stove and placing them on top of newspaper. Make sure the burner grates are completely cooled before touching them. Once the grates are placed on the newspaper, use a steel wool pad to scrub the grates, removing as much of the caked-on food as possible. Fill the kitchen sink with warm soapy water and submerge the grates into the water. Allow them to sit for a few hours or overnight. Scrub the burner grates with a clean piece of steel wool until all the cooked food and grim are removed. Rinse the grates and allow to dry.

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